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    Geneva: Subaru shows racing versions of STI and BRZ

    While we gear up for next week's Detroit Auto Show, the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon is currently on going, and Subaru has marked the occasion by trotting out a pair of new racers. First up, we have the car shown above, with the company's entry to the 2015 Nürburgring 24 Hour Race. Subaru is ...

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    Video: Mazda Turnpike in Japan shut down for Touge racing and drifting

    The people behind Motorhead Magazine in Japan clearly have some friends in high places. Not only did they manage to shutdown eight kilometres of the Mazda Turnpike up the Hakone mountain, but they invited some of the country's premiere racers to take a drive up the hill. This wasn't just a Sunday ...

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    Video: Super GT has never looked so good

    It's too bad that the Super GT series from Japan doesn't have wider availability in North America. It's full of recognizable cars and consistently high-quality racing, but it's not widely covered. A new video from GT Channel sheds some much-needed light on this less well-known motorsport and ...

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    Video: Honda NSX Concept-GT racing film will make you smile

    We still aren't convinced that the new Acura NSX will ever arrive in North America. After years of "concepts" and previews, it all seems like an elaborate tease put on by Honda to mess with journalists and auto enthusiasts. We're so looking forward to being wrong... What isn't a joke, though, is ...

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    Motorsport: Lexus RC F GT500 is the Super GT car Daft Punk fans will appreciate [w/video]

    Lexus Racing's booth designers at the Tokyo Auto Salon clearly loved a certain French electronic music duo when they decided to promote the new Lexus RC F racecar from the Super GT series. The Daft Punk-inpsired race team appeared ready for a pit stop in this promo photo, wearing custom ...

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    Motorsport: Nissan hits back with new GT-R for Super GT

    New drivers, new tracks and new regulations can go a long way towards shaking things up, but nothing can make a racing series more exciting like fresh machinery – and Japan's Super GT championship is going to have just that in spades. Honda recently revealed its new NSX GT (in concept form, ...

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    Video: Shakedown of OGT Freescale Nissan GT-R at Fuji Speedway

    Have you ever noticed how NBA basketball courts appear much larger, food appears much tastier, and cars appear much slower when watching TV? Visit an NBA game and you'll be shocked how small the court is, eat the burger pictured on the screen and you'll wish you hadn't, watch a Formula 1 race and ...

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    Featured: STP Taisan Nissan Skyline GT-R classic Group A Touring car up for sale

    Any Japanese car fan will tell you that the Nissan Skyline GT-R is amongst their all time favourites. And even if they aren't fans, they still respect the legendary Nissan for what it did on the streets and in motorsports. As the most winning Touring car of all time, R32 Skyline GT-Rs were on top ...

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    Video: Nissan Skyline GT-R Calsonic race car driven by media for first time ever

    You are looking at one very special Nissan Skyline GT-R. The Calsonic Skyline GT-R was one of several GT-Rs that absolutely dominated touring car racing across the Pacific in the early 1990's. Skyline GT-Rs dominated everything else in the field solidifying thier cult status around the world, ...

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    Official: Honda and Mugen develop widebody twin-turbo V6 CR-Z... for racing [w/video]

    Honda has announced that it's working with M-TEC and Team Mugen on a CR-Z GT that will campaign in the GT300 category of Japan's Super GT championship. The racing hybrid uses a 2.8-litre, twin turbo V6 paired with a specially developed hybrid system, and it will enter its first race at this ...