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targa newfoundland

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    Video: Targa Newfoundland video by Vivid Racing showcases their Porsche 997 in action

    The jagged, rocky shoreline and pounding ocean surf renders Newfoundland a pretty spectacular Canadian destination - but the island province becomes a little more enticing for petrol-heads when the annual Targa Newfoundland rolls into town. Several competition classes see a wide variety of cars ...

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    Video: Watch Sam Hubinette and Jen Horsey run Targa Newfoundland in a Fiat 500 Abarth

    We'd grown pretty accustomed to seeing Sam Hubinette sling a Dodge Challenger around a drift course, but the guy knows how to do more than go sideways. Back in September, the Crazy Swede partnered up with Jen Horsey to take on the Targa Newfoundland in a Fiat 500 Abarth in the open class. How'd ...

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    Featured: Mighty Fiat Abarth Conquered with Podium Finish at Targa Newfoundland

    The high-performance Fiat 500 Abarth entered into this year's Targa Newfoundland Rally surprised us all, taking home a second place finish in the highly competitive Open division of the 2012 event. Proudly wearing racing number "500," the Fiat 500 Abarth was piloted by two-time Formula DRIFT ...

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    Featured: Targa Newfoundland 2012 Challenges Every Driver [w/video]

    The 2012 Targa Newfoundland rally is best described as one of the most scenic, yet challenging motorsport adventures in North America. This is not just another open road rally with parties; this is a serious motorsports event with closed road ways, rules and regulations, and testing not only your ...

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    Featured: FIAT 500 Abarth driven by Samuel Hubinette to take on Targa Newfoundland

    Watch out Newfoundland, the Scorpion is about to take on Targa! Fresh on the heels of its introduction to the North American market, the Fiat 500 Abarth will be competing in the 2012 Targa Newfoundland from September 8-15. The even bigger news is that two-time Formula Drift champion (and amazing ...

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    Featured: Health Canada clamps down on Targa Newfoundland over collectable Marlboro suit

    We're sure you remember Zahir Rana of ZR Auto the gentleman who piloted a Ferrari Enzo into the Atlantic Ocean during last year's Targa Newfoundland. When the Rana took his co-pilot and his supercar for a swim, he happened to be wearing a racing suit once worn by Rubens Barrichello. Back when the ...

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    Video: Flyin' Miata gets the documentary film treatment

    It's been nearly a year since Flyin' Miata took two cars to the Targa Newfoundland. As you may recall, I got to tag along and do my best to get the supercharged Grand Touring entry as lost as possible. While we were there, one very dedicated film crew followed us from stage to stage, thereby ...

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    Confirmed: Targa Newfoundland ready to set the stage for 2012

    Known for wild action (see Ferrari Enzo in Atlantic Ocean) and incredible racing (see WRX crashes into a house), the second decade of Targa Newfoundland kicks off with a revised route for the five-day event. This September, the unique motorsport classic will feature two new stages in new ...

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    Video: Targa Newfoundland crazy house crash captured on video

    Targa Newfoundland is the one of the most exciting events held on public roads in North America. Over the years, we've seen a number of high speed crashes and close calls as a result of this automotive adventure that takes place on the Rock. As motorsport enthusiasts, we know that limits were ...

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    Video: MotoMan at Targa Newfoundland, Part Two

    The crew at MotoMan has rolled out the second episode of its Targa Newfoundland coverage. This time around, Brandon Fitch and I spend plenty of time talking with the guys about the challenges of Day One, how the Flyin' Miata supercharged NC MX-5 Miata handles some of the more technical stages and ...