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    Report: Top 10 Best car interiors of 2014

    While we're still a ways off from the automotive awards season proper, where things like this year's North American Car and Truck of the Year, Automobile Magazine's all-star list and Car and Driver's Ten Best are named, that doesn't mean there aren't trophies being handed out to deserving ...

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    Study: Worst roads in Ontario being ranked, named and hopefully fixed

    This winter will likely be remembered as the worst winter in the last 20 years. The fluctuating freeze-thaw cycle over the past four months has littered Ontario roads with crater-sized potholes resulting in teeth-rattling rides for road users. With Toronto already making headlines as the worst ...

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    Canada: 2014 Vancouver Auto Show kicks off with newest cars in Canada

    Local auto show season is upon us once again, and much like last year's Vancouver International Auto Show, most manufacturers seem to have upped their game for 2014. This time around there aren't quite as many North American unveilings, however there is still plenty to see on the show floor from ...

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    Study: The 12 safest car brands of 2014 might surprise you

    Safety is a major consideration when buying any new or used vehicle. Following the recent study on the Top 10 most reliable long lasting cars, this time around the auto experts at have focused on finding out the Top 12 safest new car brands using its vast collection of classifieds to ...

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    Canada: Top 10 things to see and do at the 2014 Toronto Auto Show

    The 2014 Toronto Auto Show, more formally known as the annual Canadian International Auto Show (CIAS) is gearing up to take over the Metro Toronto Convention Centre later this week. After covering a number of notable debuts from the Detroit Auto Show and Montreal Auto Show, it's finally time for ...

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    Featured: Top 50 best and worst car commercials

    Our list of the world's best and worst car commercials really has it all, from star studded celebrity appearances and big budget Hollywood stunts to strange moments like the most amazing and creepy transmission shop ad ever made and these rapping grandmas out for a drive. Get ready to watch our ...

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    Featured: Top 10 best racing video games

    The latest chapter in the on-going video game battle between Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport has given gamers and driving enthusiasts arguably two of the most impressive racing simulators ever created. Around here at Autoblog Canada headquarters, even we find ourselves divided on picking a ...

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    Featured: Best luxury & supercar reviews of 2013

    Here at Autoblog Canada we get a chance to test drive and review a number of brand new cars throughout the year, but when it comes to picking personal favourites, we managed to narrow down our Best of 2013 list to these high performance supercars. From our date with the Lamborghini Veneno in ...

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    Video: The most shocking road rage videos of 2013

    As we continue to look back at some of the best and worst moments of 2013, our list just wouldn't be complete without rounding up and counting down the craziest and most shocking road rage videos of the year. From grown men caught childishly brawling in the streets of LA to a frightening ...

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    Featured: Autoblog Canada highlights of the week

    With the holiday season upon us and closing in fast, this week's highlights offer a festive look back things including supercars playing Jingle Bells, Santa stunt driving in a Lamborghini, and the RCMP busting a naughty Elf on a Shelf for drinking and driving. As yet another busy week comes to ...