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traffic fatalities

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    Official: Motorcycle fatalities down for the first time since 2009

    As we reported earlier, overall traffic fatalities were again down in 2013 after a momentary spike in 2012, and for the first time since 2009 motorcycle fatalities decreased year-on-year in 2013: the Fatality Analysis Reporting System compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ...

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    Study: Drowsy driving involved in 21 per cent of fatal car accidents [w/video]

    AAA Says Fatigue-Related Crashes Significantly Underreported AAA estimates drowsy driving is responsible for 6,400 deaths a year. In the wake of a fatal accident that nearly claimed the life of comedian Tracy Morgan earlier this year, tired truckers received considerably scrutiny from ...

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    Report: New Year's Day, not St. Patrick's, most deadly day on the road

    Earlier this month, as part of its conclusions to an investigation into wrong-way driving crashes, the American National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommend ignition interlocks for all those convicted of a DUI. That means every first-time offender couldn't start his car until he had ...

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    Report: Autoliv developing automatic in-car breathalyzer

    According to stats compiled by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about a third of all traffic fatalities involved someone officially classified as driving under the influence – and that percentage goes back at least a decade. No surprise then that various ...

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    Study: Close games lead to higher motorist fatalities

    For die-hard sports fans, a home-team win can make the whole week better. But according to a study by researchers at North Carolina State University and the University of South Carolina, winning can also be deadly-at least for motorists. The schools focused on fatal accident rates the cities ...