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travis pastrana

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    Video: Watch Travis Pastrana put on a show at Red Bull Straight Rhythm event

    With experience competing in rallying, the NASCAR Nationwide series and other forms of motorsport, Travis Pastrana just seems to love anything with an engine that moves fast. However, he first gained popularity for his ability on a dirt bike, especially when it comes to jumping them at the X ...

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    Video: Red Bull tribute to fathers and motorcycles warms the heart

    Motorcyclists, whether it be road riders or dirt bikers, are a unique sort. Often, the passion that starts with the parents is passed down to the children, becoming a generational hobby that connects parents, kids and in many cases, grandparents. This video, from Red Bull, is from a film called ...

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    Video: On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter teased in new trailer

    The tagline for the 1971 film On Any Sunday was "Motorcycle, Sport and the Men Who Ride On Any Sunday." Funded by Steve McQueen and directed by Bruce Brown – he also directed The Endless Summer and his son Dana Brown made Dust to Glory – the film dug into the world of professional and ...

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    Official: Travis Pastrana puts on blue and gold Subaru jacket again

    Travis Pastrana partnered with Subaru for eleven years, the relationship going especially well from 2006 to 2010 when Pastrana won four consecutive Rally America National Championships. They broke up in 2010 to give Pastrana space for his NASCAR fling and a couple of years in Global Rallycross ...

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    Report: Travis Pastrana announces plans to quit NASCAR

    Extreme sports star (Nitro Circus) Travis Pastrana is throwing in the towel on his NASCAR career, announcing that he'll not be taking part in the 2014 Nationwide Series. Pastrana, 30, ran his first NASCAR event in 2011, the Toyota All-Star Showdown, and made his Nationwide Series debut in April ...

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    Video: Watch Travis Pastrana recover from certain crash disaster

    Say what you will about NASCAR but if you like big crashes, trash talking, literal door-to-door racing and high horsepower muscle, there's not much else that can compete with this racing action. We like to think of it as the WWE of auto racing and that's not always a bad thing. When Travis ...

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    Motorsport: X Games LA Global RallyCross race breaks records, cars [w/video]

    Remember the old Rodney Dangerfield joke about how he went to a fight and a hockey game broke out? We went to a demolition derby held at the X Games in Los Angeles yesterday and a round of the Global RallyCross series broke out. If you don't want to know who won the gold, then you should stop ...

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    Featured: Travis Pastrana's Subaru WRX STI Rally America racecar goes up for sale

    Have you ever had a great drive on a challenging road or track, and after parking your machine stood back to admire it and savour the moment - eying the worn rubber, fiery exhaust tips, and listening to the peacefully ticking engine? We love that moment, when you contemplate the sheer awesomeness ...

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    Video: Ken Block belatedly releases Gymkhana 5 making-of video

    Gymkhana 5 was released in early July, but we're only just getting the obligatory behind-the-scenes video of the DC Shoes and Ken Block extravaganza now. A BTS video on a Hollywood production is usually "This is how we got this shot right," whereas in this kind of video, it's often "This how many ...

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    Featured: Travis Pastrana, Dodge Dart get first RallyCross win [w/video]

    Travis Pastrana has had a tough start to 2012, wrecking out of nearly every race he's entered. The Global RallyCross Championship has been particularly frustrating, with the Red Bull Motorsports driver finishing 8th and 15th in the first two events of the season and failing to make its past the ...