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    Video: Watch these workers ghost-ride the garbage truck with purpose

    There's an old phrase that suggests we "work smarter, not harder." This garbage truck driver must have read that as "work like a monumental idiot, not harder." The sanitation worker in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico basically ghost-rides his garbage truck while running to grab bags that have been left ...

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    Video: Near-crash between Ontario snowplow and two trucks caught on camera

    Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) say the terrifying video footage of a near-miss head-on collision between two semi trucks and a snowplow near Nipigon, ON could lead to charges being laid. The potentially deadly disaster was captured on dash cam, as a surprised trucker suddenly finds himself face ...

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    Video: Canadian Tire builds fully functional ice truck powered by MotoMaster

    No the Canadian Tire ice truck you see here isn't one of the victims from Toronto's recent ice storm, what you're looking at is actually a running, driving, full-size pickup truck crafted out of solid blocks of ice for Canadian Tire's coolest commercial yet. Although this highly detailed and ...

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    Confirmed: GMC Canyon will debut in Detroit

    With the debut of the Chevrolet Colorado at November's Los Angeles Auto Show, perhaps it was only a matter of time before we saw the small truck's GMC counterpart. That time will be January, as we've received official confirmation that the GMC Canyon will be revived at next month's North American ...

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    Video: Dangerous lane splitting stunt gives motorcyclist near death experience

    Dangerous driving often leads to deadly disaster, just ask this lane-splitting biker who luckily survived having his motorcycle crushed right from under him. It's hard to believe the reckless rider escaped with his life and limbs still intact, as he fails to squeeze his way between a BMW X6 and a ...

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    Video: Swerving truck driver in China cheats death in close call disaster

    As strange as it may sound, we've actually seen several shocking close call disasters from China before, including a bus driver who survived a deadly pole crashing through his windshield and this video of the luckiest motorcyclist in China. But this most recent video stars a fortunate truck ...

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    Video: Truck brake failure on steep mountain pass in heavy traffic is terrifying

    There are few things that can go wrong in any vehicle as terrifying as sudden brake failure. Well, other than brake failure in a truck... while descending a hill, in heavy traffic, with cars lined up at a dead stop in front of you! The dashcam video below shows what can happen in the scenario ...

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    Video: Large truck crashes and knocks light pole onto sitting traffic

    Trucks crashes can be very dangerous, like this cow-tipping accident in Russia or this semi-truck's dangerous airborne explosion. If you enjoyed watching this video of the world's toughest bridge, you'll love this fail video of an extra wide-turn gone wrong under a bridge. Watch a crane-carrying ...

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    Video: Pickup truck thieves VS. ATM ends in epic fail caught on camera

    Some thieves can be pretty crafty when it comes to committing a crime, but these two bumbling burglars ended up leaving empty handed and looking like a couple of amateurs after this epic fail was caught on camera. It seems that stealing an ATM isn't as easy as one would think, even with a pickup ...

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    Video: New Chevy Silverado ad aims for the cowgirl market

    Chevrolet is continuing its marketing blitz during the launch of the new Chevy Silverado with another ad toting the new truck's safe towing capacity – even when you've got a "a 1200-pound (545 kilo) passenger and 355 horses to get there." It's a touching spot that tries to equate the ...