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    Video: Hear this sports announcer realize moment when ball hits his rental car

    We don't tend to cover a lot of cricket on Autoblog – the sport or the insect, really. It's just somewhat rare that either of them intrude upon the automotive domain. However, it's hard not to at least muster a grimace – or even a laugh – when watching this cricket announcer ...

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    Video: Watch Nissan rescue and restore hilarious 1996 Maxima from Craigslist

    Nissan showed that it had a great sense of humour when it bought Luke Aker's beat-up 1996 Nissan Maxima GLE for US$1,400 less than a year ago, based solely on the quality of his hilarious tongue-in-cheek Craigslist ad and sales video. Aker's trusty Nissan Maxima had been thoroughly driven, ...

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    Video: Watch AK-47 shooting test against armoured Mercedes with brave man sitting inside

    There are ways to test armour plating. You test the components under laboratory conditions, install them on a vehicle, test them some more, maybe put in some dummies to make sure occupants would be safe from harm under real-world conditions. But the Texas Armoring Corporation and its CEO take a ...

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    Video: Watch this Polaris ORV stunt drive through the wilderness

    Imagine being dropped off by helicopter in a highly tuned Polaris RZR XP 1000 side-by-side off-road vehicle, and the only way off is through a diabolical obstacle course challenging everything that the machine can do. That scenario is not the plot of a video game, although maybe it should be, but ...

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    Video: This father and son duo terrorize the UK countryside in Datsun 240Z pair

    The Datsun 240Z got a lot of things right when it was introduced, with handsome styling, strong performance and a reasonably affordable price. And while the coupes grew a strong fan base in North America, they remained quite a rarity in the UK. Decades later, a father and son in England have ...

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    Video: How does a massive Volvo truck compare to a Koenigsegg on a track?

    Volvo Trucks thinks that its latest FH semi truck has a little sports car DNA mixed in with the ability to haul heavy loads thanks to its novel dual-clutch gearbox. And the company's marketing department certainly has an intriguing strategy to get the word out about the big rig's sporty traits. ...

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    Video: Here's what it looks like to go 333 km/h on a bicycle

    Bravo to François Gissy for continuing to reach truly ridiculous velocities on his rocket-powered bicycle. The amazing Frenchman recently hung on for a series of runs at Circuit Paul Ricard where he bashed through his old record and showed a Ferrari who was boss. We thought it was crazy ...

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    Video: Watch Nissan prank unsuspecting test drivers with GT Academy

    Nissan's reality show/motorsports program, GT Academy, is set to return to Spike TV for its fourth season on Friday, and in anticipation, the Nismo team has issued a new video that gives some of its fans a taste of the racing lifestyle. It all starts innocently enough, with fans test-driving a ...

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    Video: Lamborghini Aventador shoot flames, then accidentally lights itself on fire

    The stationary revving of high-horsepower, high-cylinder-count Italian engines may be an adolescent pleasure among the world's wealthy, but it's a mechanical display of machismo we're usually prepared to indulge simply because it sounds so great. And it's a spectacle made all the better when ...

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    Video: WATCH: Huge 1,200lb pumpkin dropped 120 feet, crushes truck for Halloween

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    It's fall and Halloween season is here again and organizers of the Conneaut Lake Fall ...