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    Video: Elephant with an itch to scratch uses cars for relief

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    Video: Workaholics Blake Anderson drives an over-the-top patriotic Jeep

    Comedian Blake Anderson is seeing growing success as one of the stars and co-creators of the Comedy Central show Workaholics. Not surprisingly, when you get your own TV show, there's a deep desire to celebrate with a big purchase, a car perhaps. Anderson did just that, but as opposed to plunking ...

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    Video: Man survives improbable fall from overpass

    When I play Grand Theft Auto V, I tend to do some very, very silly things. You know, drive cars off mountains, eject from planes without parachutes and yes, jump from freeway overpasses. I always question, though, how realistic the game's representation of these events is. Well, in the case of ...

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    Video: Watch this loyal dog chase his owner's ambulance

    Dogs don't usually need much of an excuse to chase a car or truck down the street, but this little pooch seemed to have been motivated by something else. When his master, a homeless man in Goiana, Brazil, suffered an epileptic seizure, paramedics rushed him to the hospital. But the dog never ...

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    Video: Watch this 840-hp Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 walk away from GT-Rs and M3s

    This last-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 does things that SUVs just shouldn't be able to do, like win drag races against tuned Nissan GT-R and BMW M3 coupes. Granted, the owner isn't coming into this fight with a stock Jeep – far from it. In addition to twin turbos whistling away, he ...

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    Video: Can an actual Ford F-150 ride on 4 Power Wheels F-150s?

    A lot of kids are rough on their toys, especially when it comes to those made to be used outside, like a four-wheeled kid-size Power Wheels. Whether it's cruising through the sand box, carrying piles of rocks in the driveway or crashing around trees in the backyard, these motorized vehicles often ...

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    Video: Meet Calgary's worst parker

    Movies often need audience help in the form of suspension of disbelief, wherein you agree to ignore some of the wilder aspects of a plot or yet another outrageous coincidence. But movies are fiction, whereas this video of a driver trying to maneuver out of a parking spot in Calgary, Alberta, is ...

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    Video: Ken Block's Hoonicorn '65 Mustang will make you scream for mommy

    Ken Block's Hoonicorn, which stars in Gymkhana Seven, might still bear a passing resemblance to a vintage 1965 Ford Mustang, but underneath the skin, the car is one of the baddest custom machines to ever do a smoky burnout on the road. The ever enthusiastic British auto journalist Chris Harris is ...

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    Video: Watch dual-engined Dodge SRT4 do a FWD burnout, a RWD burnout, then AWD launch

    There's something fantastically insane about racers who go out on their own and build something unique. Just take this crazy video from last year of a twin-engine Dodge SRT4 at a drag strip that can burn the rubber at either end – or both ends – at a moment's notice. With tires ...

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    Video: Just when you thought Grand Theft Auto IV couldn't get cooler... RoboCop mod happens

    Winter isn't officially here yet, but it's starting to get darker earlier, and for large swathes of North America, it's pretty cold too. Those two factors keep a lot of people indoors for much of the season. There are few ways better of staving off cabin fever than picking up a controller and ...