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    Official: Mazda Canada rolls out unlimited mileage warranty

    Cold weather might be starting to grip parts of Canada, but many Mazda owner's are going to be able to drive their 2015 Mazda cars and crossovers from Vancouver to Montreal with a little more peace of mind. That's because Mazda Canada is instituting an unlimited mileage warranty for its new ...

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    Video: Audi Canada surprises out-of-warranty owners in a good way

    One of the worst parts about going to a dealership is sitting around waiting for the courtesy shuttle to show up and transport a group of strangers to their places of work or homes. Well, Audi Canada found a nice way to surprise customers who brought their out-of-warranty vehicles in for a ...

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    Study: UK survey says Honda models most "pothole-proof"

    A new study by Warranty Direct in the UK claims Honda makes vehicles that are the least-susceptible to damage from potholes. According to the company, only 1.4 percent of Honda owners submit a warranty claim for repair due to pothole damage. Compare that figure with the 12.2 percent of Chrysler ...

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    Report: If Ford Mustang Boss 302 owners use TracKey, will their warranty be shortened?

    %Gallery-117602% Word has it that the Ford TracKey feature available on the Mustang Boss 302 will come with some interesting fine print. According to Mustangs Daily, owners who opt to have TracKey installed at their local Ford dealer will have to endure a three-year, 60,000-kilometre powertrain ...

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    The lowdown on extended warranties

    If you've ever been nickle-and-dimed by costly repairs to your older car or truck, chances are that you invested in an extended warranty on your next vehicle purchase because you never wanted to repeat that wallet-draining experience. That's the story Paul Timoteo heard constantly during his ...